2016 Re-Election

Re-Elect Jonathan Houck for Gunnison County Commissioner

Greetings. I am Jonathan Houck your current County Commissioner in District 2. In addition to the honor of representing all the citizens of Gunnison County I have had many opportunities and experiences in my 24 years here that have helped develop a good vantage point from which to represent you.

I am a father and husband, a business owner, a little league coach and Cub Scout Leader and community volunteer. In earlier years in the Gunnison Valley I have been a high school teacher, carpenter, retail worker, ranch worker, restaurant worker and a college student, graduating from Western in 1996. I ski, hike, bike, run, fish and explore all over the Gunnison Country. Every one of the roles, occupations and adventures has been shaped by this place, its geography and its people.

Like you, I love this place and will do what it takes to stay here but know in reality that is not always easy. Gunnison County is a beautiful and unspoiled place with a diverse population that still has roots to the land and lives and breathes by the seasons. It is this way because others before us stood up for Gunnison County. Those leaders balanced the needs of the day with an eye to the future. I have spent my first term trying to do the same.

Four years ago I offered my skills, experience and leadership as a voice for all of us here the next generations of families and business owners. I told you that I could be trusted to lead in an open and transparent manner that would be inclusive, progressive and balanced. I hope you can look at my performance and feel that I have met and hopefully exceeded your expectations.

As promised, I have served you as a full time commissioner. I have no other employment and we hired someone to take up my responsibilities at our family owned businesses Acli-Mate and the Main Street Clinic. I have an office in the courthouse to make me easily accessible to citizens, I work every day on county issues and make sure that I am available to meet with constituents early and late and on weekends too in order to accommodate their schedules.

I am eager to serve another term and continue working tirelessly on your behalf. I am still energized and enthusiastic to not only direct the operational duties of the county, but to lead on issues that the community has identified as critical. Implementing the actions of the One Valley Prosperity Project (OVPP) is beginning, the Gunnison Public Lands Initiative (GPLI) is in full swing and our North Fork Communities are in transition. The Gunnison Sage Grouse (GuSG) litigation and work continues. Protecting our water, diversifying our economy and protecting balance on our public lands will always be priorities. In all of these areas I have been leading for our best possible today and always with an eye to our future.

I have the health, endurance and focus for another term. I have learned so much over the past four years and am eager to use that momentum to accomplish more for you. As we bring on a new commissioner in district 1, it is important to have continuity of experience and I offer that balance. I truly enjoy the work and associated challenges to be a creative problem solver. Thank you for your support and I humbly ask for your vote this fall.